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Landscaping Mulches in Saskatoon at Allan’s Landscaping

Landscaping Mulches in Saskatoon at Allan's Landscaping

Landscaping Mulches in Saskatoon at Allan’s Landscaping

Landscaping Mulches in Saskatoon at Allan’s Landscaping are a great way to make your yard  look stunning but they also have practical uses.  Mulches look great when they are applied to the soil surface around:

  • trees
  • paths
  • flower beds.

    Saskatoon Mulches Allans Landscaping
    Saskatoon Mulches Allans Landscaping

We have all gone by yards in Saskatoon in the summer and admired their polished look.  Mulches provide this look and a few other benefits.  When applied to soil mulches are a great way to maintain moisture, control weeds, improve the health and fertility of soil and prevent soil erosion on areas that slope.

Types of Mulches

Mulches can be made of either organic or non-organic materials.  Fortunately, Allan’s Landscaping carries both.  Some of the more popular mulches in Saskatoon carried at Allan’s Landscaping include:

  • rubber mulch
  • wood mulch
  • colored mulch
  • cedar mulch
  • spruce mulch
  • acorn mulch
  • many more option.

When to Apply Mulch

Mulches can be applied at different times of the year.  The effect mulch has on your yard and garden depends on what time of the year you apply the mulch.  For example, Mulches that are applied early in the spring help warm the soil and help retain the heat in the soil that can be lost in the evening while applying mulches in the summer help retain moisture and reduce the seeding of weeds.  When applied in the fall mulches are used to delay the growth of perennial plants in the spring or prevent growth in winter during warm spells, which limits freeze thaw damage.

If you want to get extreme and live on the edge a bit try putting colored mulches in your mix.  Allan’s Landscaping has several choices that can help you make the jump to the daring.  While some people are concerned that colored mulches may be toxic we can assure you these are perfectly safe for humans and pets.

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