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Saskatoon Landscaping Spring Classes at Allan’s Landscaping

Allans Landscaping Saskatoon Classes

Saskatoon Landscaping Spring Classes at Allan’s Landscaping

Do you have a great idea in your head on what to do to make your back yard your own private sanctuary but are not exactly sure how to get started.  Well, good news Saskatoon Landscaping Spring Classes at Allan’s Landscaping are now available.  Our classes last 5 weeks with one class a week.  During this time you will learn:

  • measure and draw your yard to scale
  • discover plants, shrubs and perennials that will make your design awesome
  • learn some money saving ideas

We promise you will learn some of the tricks of the trade in a very fun atmosphere with people just like you who want a professional looking yard but want to do it themselves.

Who will teach you?

Our design landscaper Elizabetta has over 26 years experience and will be teaching you some of her secrets.  Elizabetta is extremely talented and loves what she does.

Saskatoon Landscaping Spring Classes at Allan's Landscaping
Allans Landscaping Saskatoon Elizabetta

In addition, Jame our landscaping contractor (and owner) will also be putting in his two cents.  James has over 37 years of experience.  So between the two of them you are in great hands.

You are in charge of this fun-filled experience with Elizabetta guiding you through each step and each stage.  At the end you will end up with a unique landscape design that meets your needs and desires.  Imagine after only 5 classes and a bit of hard work you will have the back yard that everyone wants to be in.  So be forewarned you may become the hangout place for all you friends to kick back in during our beautiful Saskatoon summer.

The best way to get more information on upcoming classes is to give us a call at 306-931-2604.

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