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Allan’s Landscaping Saskatoon is Under Construction

Allan's Landscaping Saskatoon is Under Construction

Allan’s Landscaping Saskatoon is Under Construction

Allan’s Landscaping Saskatoon is Under Construction!  Why you ask?  Well to serve you better of course!  It has been a very cold, cold winter so we decided we needed a project.  What better way to keep warm than hard work.  We had a good look at our store and decided we could definitely improve a few things to make the two most importantly people in our lives happy…our customers and our employees!


What Have We Improved?

  1. A brand new break room for our employees.  Our employees are awesome people who work very hard.  Especially during our busy season (spring and summer).  They work their tails off!  We decided they needed a nice area to have some down time.  Keeping our employees happy is super important to us.  They are great people and they serve our wonderful customers.  We believe if our employees are happy then you, our customers, will get top notch service above and beyond what you expect.

    New break room at Allan's Landscaping Saskatoon
    New break room at Allan’s Landscaping Saskatoon
  2. Two new client rooms.  We are dedicating two private rooms to be available for client consultations.  Sometimes working one on one with clients in the store can be a bit hectic.  Again, especially during our busy times.  There is always interruptions and a ton of distractions.  With the new client rooms we can sit and discuss your needs in a calm atmosphere while still having our products and examples at our finger tips.

    New Design Class Room at Allan's Landscaping Saskatoon
    New Design Class Room at Allan’s Landscaping Saskatoon
  3. Lastly, our new design class room.  Our design classes are great and mega popular.  So, we decided to up our game and make a room just for them.  The room is going to have tables, desks, chairs, and possibly a TV.  Most importantly, there is going to be a ton of room to work in and learn from our experts.

A Small Word About Design Classes

We know that is the dead of winter but this is the perfect time to start thinking about your yard and the upcoming spring and summer.  It is also the perfect time to start thinking about our design classes.  Click here to get more information about our design classes.

Well there you have it, our renovation!  We look forward to showing it off next time you come and see us.


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