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Allan’s Landscaping Project

Allan's Landscaping Project

Allan’s Landscaping Project

At Allan’s Landscaping we love doing special projects for our clients and this video shows another successful Allan’s Landscaping project.  From conceptualization to completion Allan’s Landscaping has all the services and supplies needed to get your landscaping project done right.

Landscaping your brand new lot or changing up an existing yard can be very daunting.  Where do you start?  What is out there?  What fits in with your lifestyle?  And what will create your back yard sanctuary?  These are some of the questions that may be facing you when your start thinking about your landscaping project on your Saskatoon home.  At Allan’s Landscaping we will sit down with you and figure out what your needs and want are.

What We Do

We have more services that we can list.  For this reason we know we can handle your project from start to finish.  In this video we used several of our services to make the finished project awesome!!!

Window Wells

Windows in some basements are hard to incorporate but are necessary.  In basements that are below the ground you need window wells to support the dirt around the window and keep moisture out.  In the past, window wells were not attractive but Allan’s Landscaping can take a very boring part of your home design, that is usually an eye sore, and make it stunning.


Grass is the foundation for almost all yards.  However, getting new grass to look beautiful can be tricky.  If you seed your own grass you have to make sure it get the right amount of moisture and all pets and children stay off of it for a very long time.  Sod is a great alternative.  Allan’s Landscaping will make sure your sod is healthy, installed correctly and give you all the instructions you need to take care of it.


Yards settle, renovations can cause uneven landscape, or perhaps when your house was built 40 years ago the sloping of your yard wasn’t done exactly right.  No matter what the reason, an incorrectly sloping yard can lead to drainage nightmares.  Again, Allan’s Landscaping has the know how and the equipment to correct your sloping issues.

Whatever your need or want is in relation to your landscaping project Allan’s Landscaping Project Team will sit down with you and get your project planned out so the process is easy and the finished project is breathtaking.

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