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Allan’s Landscaping Saskatoon Pergolas

Allan's Landscaping Saskatoon Pergolas

Allan’s Landscaping Saskatoon Pergolas

Allan’s Landscaping Saskatoon Pergolas are another Allan’s Landscaping product that offers practicality and attractiveness to your Saskatoon yard.  Besides being a beautiful garden feature a Pergola offers shade during the hot days of summer.  Made up of posts and lattice it also is the perfect place to grow vines.  Growing vines on your pergola offers more shade.

This is perfect for any yard but especially if you lack a shaded area.  Put a bench, a sitting area or a table and chairs under your pergola and you have the perfect spot to spend your summer days.  And you can make it fit in to your backyard design with some easy additions.  Plants and twinkle lights are the perfect way to dress up your pergola.  Or just leave it as it is and it will still look absolutely gorgeous.

Allan’s Landscaping Makes Life Easy

At Allan’s Landscaping Saskatoon we not only want to provide you with great services and products but we want to make your life easy.  We know how busy you are.  With this in mind our pergolas are pre-cut and ready to assemble.  We send you with not only all the wood, but all of the hardware you will need to build your pergola.  You will have it up in no time and you Saskatoon yard looking amazing.

Are you not a handy man?  No problem we have you covered.  We can install your pergola so all you have to do is enjoy it.  In no time you will be able to create your own backyard oasis.

If you need help designing your Saskatoon backyard get away you can always ask one of our experts.  Come visit us or contact us whichever way is the most convenient for you.

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Mothers day! 10% off

Mother’s Day is only a few days away! You need to be thinking of some great gift ideas and ways to make your mom feel special. We are here to help!

On Mother’s Day bring your mom to visit us at Allan’s Landscaping, and get 10$ OFF everything in the store.


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Visit us at Gardenscape 2016 April 8 – 10

Visit us at:
Saskatchewan Blue Cross Gardenscape APRIL in 2016!


Daily General Admission: $12.00
Two-Day Admission: $18.00
Weekend Admission: $26.00 (new)
Student (15 & under): FREE
Show Hours

Friday, April 8: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, April 9: 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, April 10: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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Fiberglass Pools are the cost effective, environmentally friendly pool choice

Fiberglass Pools are the cost effective, environmentally friendly pool choice, great for your family and the environment.

Dolphin fiberglass pools high tensile strength allows the pool to flex without cracking making it ideal for regions with extreme temperature changes.

Dolphin’s gel coat finish, makes it the easiest pool to maintain, as the surface is chemically inert There for it does not alter the pools water chemistry, which means you do not need to use as many chemicals to keep your water balanced wich makes it a healthy pool for you and the enviroment.

The smooth seemless gel coat surface not only feels great also does not allow for algae to bond to the pool, you can just sweep it away. Making a fiberglass pool the best choice for families. Instead of maintaining your pool, you will be enjoying it!

Using less chemicals to maintain your water chemistry and never needing to replace a liner makes a fiberglass pool the environmentally smart choice.


View Our Pools
Canadian FlagCanadian Manufactured Fiberglass Pools.

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For a Quick Check up for your foundation maintenance inspection for your home.

The last thing any of us want to think about is the foundation of our home. Unfortunately, just ignoring it isn’t going to fix the problem, as a matter of fact it will get worse and in some cases cost a lot more to fix later. Just the thought of having to repair your homes foundation can be stressful not to mention the cost for these types of repairs.
Foundation repair costs can vary from only a few thousand dollars, to tens of thousands, depending on the severity of the damage and repairs needed.
Foundation Repair is necessary if your foundation begins to settle or move laterally. The shifting is usually caused from the soil expanding or compressing improperly. Some clays will do this with time or as the moisture in the soil changes. Another cause could be from having improper drainage around the house for a long period of time.
Foundation repair is critical to address as soon as you suspect a problem. For starters, the sooner you fix a failing foundation, the less damage it will cause. Because foundation repairs tend to be very complex you’ll really want Allan’s to hire an engineer with the proper training to address these issues. (Note if your home does not require structural repair we don’t require a engineer inspection report an then design repair drawing. By hiring Allan’s we can tell you up front if we needs a engineer report design an drawing an or permit for your local municipality. The engineer will be able to recommend to you an Allan’s to perform the work. Between these two individuals you will have the necessary expertise to ensure the problem is fixed correctly and more importantly fixed permanently. (Why do we recommend an engineer for your protection of your home and future sale of your home.) Do not ignore your foundation problems have them fixed by the

Allan’s Foundation repair experts are more than qualified to undertake any problem you are facing. The contractors are licensed and certified, and do an onsite assessment first, before dealing with the situation and deciding on a solution. Upon assessing the foundation and the damages it has incurred, the contractor formulates a customized solution, and provides a free cost quote to the home owner. If agreed upon, the repair will be initiated.

Foundation repairs are not easily performed, so you cannot sit back and hope for the best. You must do your homework to find the best foundation repair contractor for the job. As usual, the lowest price is not always the best way to go. If you decide to make your final decision on a contractor solely based on price, you’re bound to be disappointed with the outcome. This is the wrong place to skimp. Foundation repair needs to be handled by someone with experience and the proper equipment necessary to complete the project correctly.

Any foundation repair contractor who has experience knows that he needs to calculate the weight of the structure before determining the best solution for your problem. These calculations are used for several things including to controlling hydraulic flow and pressure. If you can’t control the flow pressure it becomes a guessing game which could be compared to an auto mechanic determining the problem with your car just by listening to it. It is important to also calculate the proper depth and condition of the soil.

The Foundation Pros are foundation repair experts in waterproofing and foundation repair methods for crack repairs and equipment like push piers, helical piers, helix anchors, helical pile etc. They have inspected over thousands of structures and working with engineering firms. We are here to help homeowners and home builders.

Option 1
For a Quick Check up for your foundation maintenance inspection for your home $75.00.

Option 2
Consulting fee for preventive measure, Quick Check up for your foundation maintenance. Suggestion of how to move forward for what is best for you and your foundation now and in the future. This is verbal consulting. You be given the information in simple term that is easy to understand language. Because you being informed of what needs to be done. You’re the one that makes the best decision in life. For you and your home $250.00 consulting fee starting per hour minimum 1 hour charge.
My name is James J. Polley owner of Allan’s. I have been in business since 1979 in Saskatoon an area. I love what I do as a contractor I tell you as it is. Straight to the point 75% of our new customers are referrals to your friends and family.

Drainage Solution Drainage & Foundation Repairs
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Windows possible Issues + Solutions Steel basement windows are typically designed with single-pane glass held in a steel sash (the movable part of the window). The sash pivots in a steel window frame.

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