Local soil, screened by one of Allan's screening site to remove roots, stumps and large pieces of clay. Commonly used for final grading of residential and commercial properties in preparation for sod and seed. Anything to do with growing plants, lawn etc.
Per 1 cubic yard:$35.00
Tote Bag: $119.99
You Bag it Size 29"x20": $7.80

Topsoil Manure Mix
Its a mixture of 70% screened topsoil and 30% compost cattle manure.Use for garden. Topsoil manure mix is too rich for flowers.
Per 1 cubic yard: 48.00
Tote Bag: $122.40
You Bag it Size 29"x20": $8.50
Topsoil Triple Mix
3-1-1 Commonly used for gardens, tree planting and flowerbeds.
3 parts topsoil
1 part sand
1 part manure
Per 1 cubic yard: $72.00
Tote Bag: $133.18
You Bag it Size 29"x20": $9.00
Healthy, Rich nutrients, 100% compost cattle manure.For gardens, only put 1” of manure to avoid too much nitrogen in the soil.
Per 1 cubic yard: $48.00
Tote Bag: 121.20
You Bag it Size 29"x20": $9.00
Clay Yellow ( Site Grading)
Used in clay capping on roads and garages around houses for positive drainage below final grade on residential and commercial properties. For subgrades, clay gives proper drainage and water flows away from buildings. Ready for topsoil or hard surface landscaping.
Per 1 cubic yard: 30.00
Tote Bag: $119.99

Construction Grade Topsoil
Is used in residential and commercial work for all types of landscaping. The only difference between construction grade and screen topsoil is the screening process. Removing all debris larger than ¾” of an inch allows screen topsoil to be an easier product to work with compared to construction topsoil. (Construction grade topsoil will take longer to fine grade and level as it has debris in it and that will mostly have to be raked off by hand.)
Per 1 cubic yard: $26.00
Tote Bag: $119.99
You Bag it Size 29"x20": $9.00