Allan's Courtyard Collection

Bring style and elegance to your landscape with the Courtyard Collection
from Allan Block. These interlocking blocks allow you to easily build free-standing,
above ground walls, posts and landscape accents.

This natural looking block allows you to create the look of a traditional
stone wall. The blocks are made with high strength concrete, are easy to handle,
and stack up quickly.
We also have paving stones, retaining wall, blocks and concrete ornament decoration to make
outside even more beautiful.

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Allan's Courtyard Collection Bring style and elegance to your landscape with the Courtyard Collection from Allan Block.

Pavingstone With a multitude of shapes, textures and colours, Allan's pavers can create instant elegance to areas that were once plain, poured cement pads.

Animal Ornaments Concrete Ornaments

Planters Concrete Ornaments

Fountainettes Concrete Ornaments

Window Wells Window Well 36" x 22" $ 125.90 ea. Window Well 42" x 22" $ 130.60ea. Window Well 48" x 22" $ ...

Landscape Fabric & Weed Barrier

Sod Sod $5.00 a roll $0.50 sq. ft. 2' x 5' long = 10 sq. ft in 1 roll Sod pallet charge : $ 30.00 ...

Grass Seed Pure Premium Grass Seed 1 kg $ 18.99 ea. Kentucky Blue Grass 0.5 kg $...

Synthetic Turf Nylon thatch gives you added body, reducing the amount of infill needed. Nylon thatch gives you added body, reducing the amount of infill needed. Available in 3 colors allowing you to match any indigenous color in the world. Can be installed outdoors on a compacted aggregate base or indoors on concrete.

Retaining Walls Retaining Walls Not only can Allan's retaining walls help retain slopes and raised gardens, they can also boost the beauty of your outdoor space.

Windows possible Issues & Solutions Steel basement windows are typically designed with single-pane glass held in a steel sash (the movable part of the window). The sash pivots in a steel window frame.

Sidewalk Blocks A lot of us at Allan's remember a time when you had one basic choice for sidewalk blocks? two-foot square and white.

Stone Window Wells Quality Window Wells For A Safer, More Beautiful Finished Basement As the popularity of basement finishing has increased in recent decades, building codes are growing.

Landscape Ties Green/Tan Landscape Ties 8' Length x 2.5" width $ 7.50 ea. Landscape Ties 8 x 8 length $14.50 l...

Ask for:

AB courtyard Collection (Retaining Walls)
AB Europa Collection (Retaining Walls)
AB Fieldstone Collection (Retaining Walls)
AB Garden Accent Collection (Retaining Walls)
AB Garden Wall Collection (Retaining Walls)Allan Block (Retaining Walls)BBQ Block (Paving Stones)
Belgravia Architectural Slabs (Paving Stones)
Black Mulch Block Window Wells Blue Grey Crusher Dust BouldersBrick faced Slabs (Paving Stones)Brick Paver Walkways Brick/Paver Installation
Brickstone (Paving Stones)
Brown Wood Mulch
Bullet Edger (Paving Stones)
Cedar Mulch
Cedar Nuggets
Circle Faced Slabs (Paving Stones)
Circle Kit Cobble Stone (Paving Stones)
Circle Kit Cobblestone (Paving Stones)
Circle Kit Roman Euro Stone (Paving Stones)
Clay Yellow (Site Grading)Clean-UpsCobble Faced Slabs (Paving Stones)
Cobble Stone (Paving Stones)
Cobblestone (Paving Stones)
Colorgard Slate Slabs (Paving Stones)
Coloured RocksConcrete Repairs
Concrete Replacements Construction Grade Topsoil
CornerStone Collection (Retaining Walls)Courtyard Collection (Retaining Walls)
Crushed Stone Crusher DustsCutting Blocks Design
Drainage Solution ProductsDraining Solutions Driveways
Dutch Wells
Easystack Fire Pit (Paving Stones and Retaining Walls)
Easystack Tumbled Fire Pit (Paving Stones and Retaining Walls)
Europastone (Paving Stones)
Exposed Patio Slabs Circular, Round (Paving Stones)
Expo-Trio Stone (Paving Stones)Fence Posts
Fences Fertilizing
Flagstack Collection (Retaining Walls)
Flat Rock
French Drains Garden Bed Edging
Garden Bed Maintenance
Garden Design Grading Grading/Erosion Control Grass Motif Slab (Paving Stones)
Heritage Stone (Paving Stones)
Holland Stone (Paving Stones)
I-con edger (Paving Stones)Interlocking Blocks
Irrigations Design and Installation
Landscape Accents Landscape Design
Landscape FabricLandscape Lighting Landscape Maintenance Landscape Patios
Landscape Reconstruction Landscape Renovation
Landscape RepairsLandscape Ties (Plain, Colour)
Lawn Aeration
Lawn Edgeng (Paving Stones)Lawn Installation Lawn Maintenance
Manure Metal Window Wells
Mulch Restoration Mulches
Natural Rocks Outdoor Kitchens Outdoor Living Spaces
Patio Slabs (Paving Stones)
Paving Slabs (Paving Stone)
Paving Stones/Sidewalk Blocks Pea Stone, Gravel Pergolas Supply and Installation
Pesticide Treatment
Pisa2 Collection (Retaining Walls)Plant Removal (Trees and Shrubs)
Planting Plaza Wall Fire Pit (Paving Stones and Retaining Walls)
Pond-less Waterfalls
Quadral Slab (Paving Stones)
Rainbird Sprinkler Systems Raised Garden Beds/Trellises/Etc.Random Faced Slabs (Paving Stones)
Rectangle Slabs (Paving Stones)
Recycle concrete or Asphalt
Recycle Rubber Bark Mulch (Red/Brown/Black)
Recycle Rubber Nugget Mulch (Red/Brown/Black)
Red Crusher Dust
Red Mulch
Residential Landscape
Retaining Walls
River Rock Stone (Paving Stones)
Roadway Stone (Paving Stones)
Roman Euro Stone (Paving Stones)
Roman Holland (Paving Stones)
RomanPisa Collection (Retaining Walls)
Romanstack Collection (Retaining Walls)
Round Slabs (Paving Stones)
Sand (Sandbox, Garden, Torpedo)
Sand (Stucco, Paving Stone) Sand Boxes and Sand Sand White
Scallop Edger (Paving Stones)
Scallop Edging (Paving Stones)
Screen Clay
Sedona Slab (Paving Stones)
Seeding (Hydro)
SF-Rima Stone (Paving Stones)
Sidewalk Slabs (Paving Stones)
SienaStone Collection (Retaining Walls)
Site Clearing
Slate Holland (Paving Stones)
Slate Slabs (Paving Stones)
Smooth Slabs (Paving Stones)
Soils and Mixes
Sprinkler Repair
Spruce Bark
Spruce Mulch
Square Slabs (Paving Stones)
Stackstone Collection (Retaining Walls)Stepping Stones
Stone Steps Construction
Stone Walkways Stonewall Easystack (Retaining Walls)
Stonewall Plaza Wall (Retaining Walls)
Stonewall Select (Retaining Walls)
Stratus Edger (Paving Stones)