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Allan's Landscaping Ltd.

Allan's Landscaping | Saskatoon | Saskatchewan

Please take some time to explore our website.

Allan's Landscaping is a design / build landscaping company that has been doing business in Saskatchewan since 1979. Over the years we have helped beautify Saskatoon even more and area by providing both residents and commercial contractors with good quality landscaping.

Our galleries are just a sampling of some the services we provide, draining solutions, garden design and planting, landscaped patios, paving stones and more!

We deliver topsoil, gravel, sand, Mulch, Coloured Rock, Natural Rock, Soil & Mixes, retaining wall.

The Allan's Store is open year round for all of our existing and new customers need and wants. You can always count on us to get the project done!

We do also Foundation Repair for a leaky basement and figure out a better drainage on your yard.
Grading for Residential and Commercial Landscaping.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Design your Dreamyard

...with Elzbieta 26 years and James 38 years Landscaping and design services offering to you in class room instruction for your design your dream yard.

Our consultants have spent years honing their skills and knowledge to help and answer your questions. Once you meet them and relayed your design criteria and specific tastes, trust them to advise and guide you to creating the perfect landscape design and your dream yard.Landscaping all across Saskatchewan home and business.

1) Email a copy of your survey certificate for your home that you want your design for.
2.) Booked and show up for your classes at Allan's.

Book your 30-min free consultation.

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Allan's Landscaping Ltd.

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General Contractor Landscape Design Surveyors Consulting Demolition Subgrades Topsoils Grading
(Hydro) Seeding Sodding Mulches Sprinkler Systems French Drains Retaining Walls Paving Stones
Patios Concrete Driveways Asphalt Dutch Wells General Contractor Landscape Design
Surveyors Consulting Demolition Subgrades Fiberglass Pool Installation Topsoils Drainage
Foundation Repairs Grading Sprinkler Systems (Hydro) Seeding Sodding Mulches Retaining Walls
Paving Stones Patios Concrete Driveways Asphalt

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Soil & Mixes
Topsoil Topsoil Manure Mix Topsoil Triple Mix Topsoil Garden Mix Topsoil Clay Mix
Clay Yellow (Site Grading) Manure (Compost Cattle Manure) Construction Grade Topsoil

Coloured Rock
Purple Sparkle Purple Lava Rock Creamy White Rock Red Shale Tan Shale Blue Grey Rock Black Lava Rock Red Crusher Dust
Blue Grey Crusher Dust Rundle Rock
White Sand Stucco Sand Sandbox Sand

Spruce Mulch Spruce Bark Cedar Mulch Cedar Nuggets Red Mulch Brown Wood Mulch
Black Mulch Recycled Rubber Mulch

Base Gravel Screening Gravel Tan Crusher Dust 5/8 Concrete Gravel 1” Rock 1”Round Rock
½ Round Rock 2-3”Round Rock 2-3”Crushed Rock 1-8”Assorted Rock

Paving Stone Retaining Wall Blocks Patio Blocks Grass Seeds Garden Seeds Sod Fertilizer
Black & Green Edging Landscape Fabric Steel Stakes Green & Tan Landscape Ties
Window Wells Drainage Solution Products Rainbird Sprinkler Parts Cedar Pergola
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Open Year Round To The Public

Allan's Landscaping Ltd.

Landscape Services

General Contracting Asphalt
Window Wells
Commercial Landscape
Concrete Pools
Concrete Repairs
Concrete Replacements
Draining Solutions
Drywall Repair
Electrical Repair
Energy Efficient Basement Window Repairs
Fiberglass Pool Installations
Grading Erosion Control
Landscape Management
Landscape Patios
Landscape Renovation
Metal Window Wells
Plumbing Repair Precast Concrete Steps
Residential Landscape
Saw Cut Windows
Site Clearing
Slab Repair
Stone Steps Construction
Vinyl Pools
Wall Painting
Water Management
Window Wells/Stone Window Wells
Wood Framed Window Repairs