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Residential Landscape Service


Before we meet think of what your need are now and in the future.
Think about the budget you want to spend.


Landscape on Site Assessment.
Plan what would you like to do by yourself, and what we do.
Is there outstanding Landscape issue and repairs required when landscape project goes forward?


Work wants and work outstanding landscape issue and repairs require for project this season.


One third of the total cost of your estimate is required as a non-refundable deposit for your landscape project to be booked in, one third of the remainder of the estimated cost is due upon the start of your project and the final one third is due upon completion of your project.


Allan’s Landscaping Ltd. opened its doors in Saskatoon, SK in 1979. The owner of Allan’s, James Polley had worked along side his father, Evan Polley, owner of Evergreen Landscaping beginning in 1967. From 1979 until 1984 Allan’s Landscaping Ltd worked side-by-side with Evergreen Landscaping. Since 1979, Allan’s Landscaping Ltd has evolved and matured into a company that is proud to offer you services from commercial and residential landscaping.

Picture: James J. Polley /CHT. CEO.NCSO., Estimator -

Elzabieta always spends up to 2 hour to make sure she gets all the information. Elzabieta invoice for consultation is for an hour only plus any mileage. Were there for you and to help you get piece of mind for your project. We don’t tell Vilma in accounting how long it take for home consultation just vilma only sees one hour.

Picture: Elzbieta Slusarczyk Landscape Designer, Estimator -

Vilma is doing the Accounting/ Controller since 1998.

Picture: Vilma Polley Accounting , Controller -

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Residential & Commercial

We are your General Contractor - Whatever your needs, we can help your project finish beautifully. We can provide you accurate estimates and courteous, professional work. Call us to discuss our many successful projects and how we can help you create the yard you want.

Saskatoon Residential Services

We do Commercial Landscaping
Garden Soil for Saskatoon
We Install Playgrounds
Get Ideas for backyard design

Visit our Saskatoon Landscape Store!
Once you arrive at Allan’s Landscaping we can help you figure out all that will satisfy your needs for your landscaping. We have in stock products and bulk products such as:

Soil & Mixes
Topsoil,Topsoil Manure Mix, Topsoil Triple Mix,Topsoil Garden Mix,Topsoil Clay Mix,Clay Yellow (Site Grading),Manure (Compost Cattle Manure),Construction Grade Topsoil

Natural Rocks
Rock Chips,Round Rock,Crushed Rock,Assorted Rocks

Coloured Rock
Purple Sparkle Purple Rock, Lava Rock,Creamy White Rock,Red Shale,Tan Shale,Blue Grey Rock,Black Lava Rock,Red Crusher Dust,Blue Grey Crusher Dust,Rundle Rock

White Sand,Stucco Sand,Sandbox Sand

Spruce Mulch,Spruce Bark,Cedar Mulch,Cedar Nuggets,Red Mulch,Brown Wood Mulch,Black Mulch,Recycled Rubber Mulch

Sub Base Screening Gravel, Tan Crusher Dust, 5/8 Concrete Gravel, Recycle Concrete or Asphalt

Tote Bags:
a) For pick up or delivery 2 days notice required
b) Customer must have appropriate vehicle for pick up. Ask for more information please call 306-931-2604 .
c) Delivery service on 1-3 tote bags in Saskatoon $172.00. Delivery 4 or more tote bags add an additional $25.00

You Bag It Small Bags:
You bag It is a self serve product; we can provide the bagging service at an additional cost of $15.00 per bag. Delivery service available $98.00, ten bags or more an additional cost of $15.00 bag. *Please note: The bag to be only filled half full. Full bags are too heavy.

Allan’s Also Offers:

General Contractor Landscape, Design ,Surveyors, Consulting, Demolition
Subgrade, Fiberglass Pool Installation, Landscape Fabric, Retaining Wall and many many more

Blocks , Patio Blocks ,Paving Stones, Stepping Stones, Garden Statues, Synthetic Turf.Firepit , Fireplace , Green & Tan Landscape Ties, Sod, Fertilizer, Black & Green Edging, Paver Edging, Steel Stakes, Window Wells, Rainbird Sprinkler Parts, Cedar Pergola, Drainage Solution Products, Patios, Concrete , Driveway , Asphalt.
We also have marvellous staff that can help answer your landscaping questions and home problems.

Services Include:
Residential Landscape Design
Commercial Landscape Design
Foundation Repair
Wet Basement Solutions
Window Solutions Basement Windows, Window Well, Concrete Window Well, Metal Window Well, Blocks Window Well, Saw Cut Window, Basement

We Fix Yard Problems & Create Ideas
Acreage Grading and Gravel Driveway

Visit our store for landscape ideas and make your home much more beautiful scenery!

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