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About us

Allan’s Landscaping Ltd. opened its doors in Saskatoon, SK in 1979. The owner of Allan’s, James Polley had worked along side his father, Evan Polley, owner of Evergreen Landscaping beginning in 1967. From 1979 until 1984 Allan’s Landscaping Ltd worked side-by-side with Evergreen Landscaping. Evan’s business was mainly focused on bulk aggregate products where as James’ focus was on complete soft landscaping services.

You may ask why the name Allan’s Landscaping? James and his father Evan grew immensely close after all the years of working together. James felt it was only right to use Evan’s middle name Allan for his company name, because after all, he had learned everything he knew about landscaping from him.

Since 1979, Allan’s Landscaping Ltd has evolved and matured into a company that is proud to offer you services from commercial and residential landscaping to offering bulk aggregate materials, landscaping ornaments and decorative fountains. We are proud to say that you can count on us for all of your landscaping needs and still offer a small town, friendly attitude.

About us

Allan’s Landscaping is a complete landscaping company, constantly expanding to provide better service to our customers. We offer a vast array of products including soil, mulches, gravel, hydro seeding, and a complete line of retail landscaping products. We want to be your number one choice for landscaping.

Allan’s Landscaping has seen many changes in the company through out the last three decades. Growing and moving, and recruiting family- and workers who would become like family - but one thing has remained constant, our commitment to quality and the satisfaction of our customers.

“I started in the landscaping industry in 1967, going with my dad on deliveries of topsoil & manure. These would be two of our first products.

It was up to me to deal with the customers and handle the cash transactions.
In 1967 there were hardly any cheques and definately no Interac.
Then the customers would inform me of where they wanted their product left in their yard.

After school and weekends, you would find me with him on deliveries or having fun working with the landscape crew. By the early 70’s my dad had expanded into supplying topsoil, manure, sod & seeding and I was right there working alongside him, although my dad insisted that I go complete my school work first, before doing any work or having fun with the crew.

By 1973 my dad was in the midst of becoming a single parent. By the summer of 1974 I was ready to go to work with the crew. My dad never forced me to work or told me I had to work - I did it because it was fun. This led to the first time my dad & I had a disagreement. I was unhappy. Not with landscaping but with the way the foreman of the crew was getting a job prepared for sod. Not that Young Joe (He was 75 at the time and worked with us ‘til he was 80) and I didn’t get along, but I could see how to get the job done quicker. Joe wasn’t slow with the work and was very hardworking himself, but I didn’t think he was getting full productivity out of his workers.

My dad decided that if I could get the same quality results – done quicker - he would give me my own small crew and projects for after school, weekends and summer holidays. I was overjoyed!

This continued until the summer of 1977. By then I knew I wanted to do more in the landscape industry. So my dad and I agreed that we would work together doing his original business under Evergreen Landscaping and I would have my own company to compliment his business. Why? We split the businesses because I wanted to expand in a new direction. I wanted to do landscaping – because it was fun, and I got to buy more toys!

We were still working together as a family business but were operating under two names. My company name became Allan’s Landscaping Ltd. and his was Evergreen Landscaping. By High School I would often drive a tractor, dump truck, car, or ½ ton truck to school. I even did work in my teachers’ backyards. I guess teachers don’t forget kids that bring a tractor to school in the city. Now it wasn’t for transportation that I was driving tractors to school, it was so I could get a head start on work after school.

This was because Dad still insisted that I go to school. I was landscaping in summer and doing snow removal in winter but the rule was that It couldn’t affect my school work or make me miss any school. By the ripe age of 16, I got my company incorporated as Allan’s Landscaping Ltd.

Still working with my dad, by 1981 I had graduated from Bedford College and was ready to work full time. At that time the economy had slowed and interest rates were skyrocketing. I decided I needed to expand into trucking and sewer repairs on farm & acreages. I continued to do landscaping.

On September 01, 1984 my dad was coming back from working out of town. He was working in the trucking division - the part he liked - and was killed in a car accident. I finished the year out doing business as we’d planned together in the spring, but in 1985 the company went back to our core business of landscaping and by then the economy had picked back up. Since we had all the crews in town again I expanded into our gravel division with 7 new product lines and we also expanded topsoil & manure. Part of the business was to mix topsoil and manure. This gave us 10 unique products for bulk hauling. With seeding, sprinklers, shrubs & trees, sod, excavating, paving stones and concrete we had significantly expanded our products and services.
Like always, when change comes at you, you can change for the better. I had moved the business out to my acreage, which worked well for the landscaping & snow removal business with a little retail of bulk product for ½ ton trucks.

In 1990 I expanded to Regina for residential and commercial landscaping. That was in full force until 1995 when we only did commercial landscaping. In May 1994, I purchased the property at 1302-17th street west for the future in-town landscape store. We started the 17th Street location with plans for a supply yard for landscaping and it developed into a garden center complete with gravel, topsoil mixes, and yard products.

My wife, Vilma, joined the company one rainy day in the spring of 1998 when she said that she was bored and had nothing to do. She has never said those words again!

By that time I could see how the site should develop. I decided we needed a building on-site in the spring of 1998. By then we had shrubs & trees, yard soil, topsoil mixes, gravel, and a small store full of landscape products for retail sales. We were open 7 days a week from early summer until late autumn with the office open all year round.

This continued until I could see that we were going to need to expand or change as we continued to grow. We bought nearly 30 acres on the edge of town, at what is now called 777-60th street west. This allowed us to continue to grow, and in 2001 we began to do hydro-seeding. This gave me a great excuse to purchase another new toy, a state of the art screener for topsoil. This replaced the screener we’d made in 1985 out of an old manure spreader. Even the Frankenstein construction met our standard of quality, and 15 years after we built it, it continued to work – it was just a little slow.

I began to see that we needed to move. There was no room for expansion. We started building the new building in the spring and had moved in by April 2006.

The store is now 6000 sq. ft. with soil, mulches, gravel, and landscape yard that takes up over 9 acres with over an acre of parking with more room to grow. My wife’s sister, Alma, came to work with us that year also.

She is a great addition to the family business and we say that she brought the rain with them – we’d been in a drought for 9 years before they came to work with us. Business was the best it had even been.

I broke my arm in the spring of 2004, and couldn’t work for almost two weeks. The night I broke my arm I talked with the doctor at the hospital. We’d done landscape work for him the year before. He told me it is usually old men in their 70’s that go to pp in the night and fall down the stairs. We’d had fun working on his yard so we could joke about this now, which is a great part of life on the Prairies. I always tell my family and staff that all of Saskatchewan is a small town. Everyone knows everybody somehow from somewhere. Even with the rain and me being laid up, the 2 girls kept things going.

Vilma is doing the Accounting / Controller and Alma is the Store Manager.

In the spring of 2008 we added a new division to our company Allan's Disposal Services Ltd. for waste disposal service. The main reason is to recycle and save our land fills with new and innovative ideas. Look out and watch us grow.

For more information please contact our store at 306-931-2604 or 306-384-4763. Or you can send us an email at

We are open year round for all of our existing and new customers needs. You can count on us to get the project done!

- James


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