Our free option to meet estimator or designer.
Visit our store and talk to us in our meeting room.
Bring surveyors certificate and pictures of what you have now and you.

Book your appointment!

On site estimate- you know what you want?
Show us your project that you want to do on site.
Discuss with James or Elzabieta what are the options you can do for a perfect solution.

Our landscape designer will visit your property and perform an inspection and consultation.
We will review your needs, discuss solutions, and provide an estimate.

Our experts will perform an inspection of the property and discuss your needs with you.
Once the ideas are all ready, there will be a stage of design where our professionals will plan out and price your landscaping.

This professionals service will be $75.00 + $2.25 per km outside Saskatoon.
(Have all estimate fee credit back with us with doing your job)
Require surveyors certificate and 1 hour of your time.

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