What we do!

Consulting – Our expertise comes from hands on experience and a genuine love of landscaping. We’ve worked with all materials, in all weather and with many scales. We can help you make sure you get the perfect yard with the correct foliage for your climate zone, earth, and sun exposure. Usually consulting is dealing with a problem you have today or looking at a future project. What we do is combine today's situation and surroundings with your long term future goals.

Dutch Well - A culvert standing on end dug down about 20” Filled full of crushed rock and then 4” from the top, heavy duty fabric is placed with more crushed rock on top Every 3 years the 4” of top crushed rock is removed & washed. New heavy duty fabric is placed and the rocks are then put back on top French drain Out 2 feet from your fence line (in backyard you dig a trench 8” - 2’ deep by 2 ft. wide towards your fence) that drains along the natural landscape. Heavy duty commercial fabric is placed down with crushed rock on top Line the fence with landscape ties or treated 2 x 8

The finished product should be level with the lawn

When we are using a French drain it is usually shown above. But lots of times we just want to divert water from one side of the yard to the other side. When doing this we create a narrow path about 2’ wide and the length that the area is needed for the water to travel. Dig that area out 6”-10” deep to remove all topsoil in a box like shape. Compacting this subgrade with a compactor gives a firm subgrade. Crusher dust fills to within 1” of finish grade. Use raking to create a scale in the middle of the 2’ part sloping to the end of the yard where you would like the water to run. Then after raking this crusher dust, compact it firmly. You may need to add more crusher dust and rake it to get the right slope.


Insurable Claims – We are willing to work with insurance companies to help you get your landscaping needs back on track with being rude. When you need insurance claims is when you’re least interested in dealing with insurance companies. Let our experience get your repairs quickly.

Grading Repair - Proper maintenance & foundation grading will not only keep your basement dry, it will also save you thousands of dollars of costly repairs in and out of your home. Having a landscaping assessment for positive drainage around your house will save you money on costly repairs.

Topsoil Grading – We mix our topsoil at our facility, so you know you’re getting good quality. We deliver and offer a pick up service. We also sell it in various quantities.

Sprinkler Systems – We supply and install highest quality product on the market “Rainbird”.

Retaining Walls - Call us for information on retaining wall construction and repair.

Hydro Seeding - We offer hydroseeding for residential, acreages, commercial, and industrial. With a variety of seed mixes exactly to your project needs we provide you with everything you’ll need from native grass plants, to regular domestic lawns!

Sodding – Contact Allan’s Landscaping for fast, courteous, professional sod services!

Trees & Shrubs - Let us help you find the perfect flora for your conditions- sunlight exposure, wind, moisture level, PH of the dirt – let our experts help you select the perfect trees and shrubs for you.

Driveways - Blocks, cement, bricks, whatever your driveway need, contact us to discuss how we can help you finish your house. While maintaining the beauty of your yard.

Patios – Create the perfect patio for your family or a great place to relax with friends! Plan and build the perfect spot for the summer BBQ or a winter cup of hot chocolate!

Concrete – We deal with all manners of concrete - Call us for your construction or repair needs. Concrete has evolved and we’ve evolved along with it, offering beautiful, artistic concrete finishes for you.

Pavingstone – In many sizes, shapes and colours, our pavingstones will be perfect for your project. We deliver, offer pick up and will help you from planning to paving. Call us to discuss your paving stone needs!

Asphalt – We handle asphalt products. Call us to discuss your needs and we can help you decide if this is the right option for you.

Design - We have over thirty years of experience creating beautiful works of art out of ordinary yards. We will work with you to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s a flower garden or an elaborate excavation, we can handle your project. Every good plan comes from having a good design.

Surveyors – With accurate surveying for various purposes, Allan’s Landscaping can help you get what you need from a surveying service.

This part of the process in the project is very important to establish the grades for the final outcome of the landscaping for drainage & flood control. Allan’s can help ensure you are using the water in an environmentally friendly way.


garden Design

How to Create Basic Garden Design

How to Create Basic Landscape Design Plans

If you’ve had experience with Landscape before, you know the importance of planning. Without planning, the Landscape can look satisfactory or plain bad, or it can lose some of its functions. Creating Landscape design plans will help everything run more smoothly, and look much better.

We have over thirty years of experience creating beautiful works of art out of ordinary yards. We will work with you to bring your vision to life - whether it’s a flower garden or an elaborate excavation, we can handle your project. Every good plan comes from having a good design. Having a plan and design for your project will not only show you where you are and where you want your project to be, but you will be able to plan your project step by step and make your project more cost efficient.

Demolition – Allan’s Landscaping loves their toys. If you need something removed we can safely, cleanly and quickly remove it, allowing you to begin fresh with your landscaping dream. We have been doing demolition work since we began the company. In other areas we have removed houses, garages and sheds while still being able to preserve mature landscaping trees & incorporate them into the new landscape plans.