Allan’s Landscaping Rubber Edging

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Allan’s Landscaping rubber edging in not only attractive but it also solves several problems your Saskatoon yard can present you with.  We have all been frustrated by putting in a beautiful ground cover only to discover that it intends to cover your entire yard.  For this reason, using a rubber edging is a great solution.  Edging will keep creeping perennials where you want them to stay.  So plant that beautiful creeping phlox you love so much.  Just remember to put in some rubber edging to keep it confined to where you want it.

Rubber edging is also easy to work with.  Because it is made of rubber you can manipulate it and bend it to conform to the shape of the area you are edging.  You don’t have to plan your yard with straight lines and corners in mind because of your landscape edging material.  Get wild and crazy Saskatoon and throw in some curves!!! It will give your yard more curb appeal.

Because our rubber mulches come in three different colors (black, brown and red) it will look great no matter your house color or plants in your yard.  This is important because one of the main advantages of using rubber edging is that it looks great.  It gives a clear division of landscape features on your property and you can play with the color to ensure it fits your design.  Mix it up a bit and use different colors in different areas of your yard.

Uses of Allan’s Landscaping Rubber Edging

Here’s a quick recap of the uses of rubber edging, some already discussed and some new:

  • It looks great and can add an element of attractiveness to your yard
  • Keeps creeping perennials at bay
  • Keeps mulch where you intend it to be
  • Gives you a clear line of where lawn and other yard features are.  This makes mowing much easier.
  • Highlights features in your yard

As always if you have any questions or need some advice from our experts when it comes to designing your yard and using rubber edging just contact us!